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Unlocking Autism

Disclaimer- I am NOT medically trained. I am just a seeker of Truth in the Word of God and a person of Prayer. This talk is only to suggest how to enter into prayer for those locked in Autism or any other maladies in the spectrum. Please keep close to your doctor as God compliments prayer ministry with the medical community’s help for your loved one.
I have wondered what it is like inside a person with Autism with OCD, with Asperger, with ADD. Why do they do what they do? How do they view the world and themselves? What is all this from their perspective. From this vantage I listen to the Holy Spirit and sense them. I try to get out of ‘my world view’ and into theirs. With this in place I next stepped into ministering to them by the Holy Spirit unction.
I was inspired to look at physical healing simply because I was healed physically in many ways- Fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, my back so bad I was flat in bed for days on end- all GONE! I was intrigued by Henry Wright from Georgia who spoke loudly that there are spiritual, emotional roots to disease very often. I had seen physical healings in my office, but only here and there. I wanted MORE! If God is our Healer, why wasn’t I seeing more bodies healed? This started me on my journey to physical health. It was after going to Georgia for training from Henry Wright’s foundation that I came back and called a lady who had a child who was diagnosed Autistic. I told her of my new inspiration in the training and asked her to bring her daughter for me to minister to her……………
Asperger’s syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome, OCD, Addictive Disorder, Rett’s Syndrome, Schizophrenia, pervasive development disorder (PDD), etc

Autism Society of America

Autism facts

Classic Autism (Secular Definition)

The unmistakable signs of autism
in a young child

What is Autism-

Looking at the Brain Function:

Imbalance of the neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine. There is a strong genetic component and is marked by rapid brain growth. The usual brain weighs about 3 pounds. The brain in Autism grows larger and is heavier. Researchers believe that this process may generate more sensory neurons than the brain can integrate into coherent networks.
Neurons are nerve cells that transmit nerve signals to and from the brain up to 200 mph. there are about 100 billion neurons in the brain. These communicate with muscle cells, organs, glands, etc.

Imbalance Occurs-

According2 to the research accomplished by Cambridge University psychologist Simon Baron- Cohen Autism is a imbalance between two kinds of intelligence; 1) the kind of intelligence used to understanding people (called empathizing- to give emphasis or ‘absorption’ of one particular aspect- i.e. emotions, movement) and 2) the kind of intelligence used to understand things (systemizing- or systematically knowing the working details, functions, or properties).
The Problem- most have both, but females tend to have a better ability with empathizing, while males tend to be better at systemizing. There is a belief that autism is just an exaggerated version of the male profile- and extreme fondness for rule-based systems, coupled with an inability to initiate people’s feelings. Psychologist Baron-Cohen, males account for 80 percent of those touched by Autism.
Unable to decode body language and sense the feelings of others, they avoid eye contact. This is why computers are an easy thing to handle for them. Computer screens don’t have emotions. They are flat and predictable, therefore they are easy to work with.
The other key behavior is pretend play. By that age, in normal cases, children are pretending in an imaginative way. They’ll pick up an object and attribute properties to it that it doesn’t have; they’ll pretend a pen is a spoon and feed themselves. In children with autism, their play is much more reality-based. They’re interested in how things work. So if they want to play with a telephone, they’ll pick up a telephone. Yes, but they won’t have an imaginary dialog - they’ll try to figure out what the buttons do.
In Autism the sensory preceptors are heightened to a great degree. They take in a large amount of data. Every pore seems to bring information for them to have to work with. It has been described as their minds being like a video, taking information in frame by frame. We see a smooth arch when an arm is bent, they see it frame by frame. Some people who suffer with Autism are balancing information on several levels at the same time. If you rushed at them it is the same as if a herd of elephants rushed at them. Some have the ability to see things 3-D in their minds, turn the item around in their head and work through all the problems to make an item work.

Spiritual Look at Autism

What to do about it Through Prayer

Let the Holy Spirit be your guide here, this is ONLY a suggestion list:
“UNSAFE” is the biggest spiritual oppression you must pray to break in layers
Over the past 10 years, high-tech research methods have begun to reveal neurological damage in some autistic individuals. One of the most important findings indicates specific damage in the limbic system, particularly in the amygdala and hippocampus.

Spiritual Components

Ungodly order in the home
(dominate females / passive males)
Deaf and Dumb Spirit
Self- retaliation
Sever self-rejection
Mind Blindness
Out of control
Religious Spirits
Locked Inside
Mind Blindness
Death oaths
Unclean Spirits
Brain Overload
Out of Control
Melt Down
I encourage using technology to aid in the healing process. Prayer ministry will aid in its effectiveness!!!
I encourage that for a healing process to begin that you, the parents are in right relationship with God. It is important to see your child who may have these tendencies as a blessing in your family. Speak love and blessings over them! Aid in their healing by listening to the Holy Spirit to be your guide as you raise this special child. Make sure you take care of yourself and not isolate yourself or your child. Seek out healthy support groups in the arena of need. And never take on guilt that you did something wrong. Your child is special, and specially created, so ask God to give you a special love for this child. Ask Him what His intent was in creating the child as He did. And REMEMBER, Normal is ONLY a setting on your dryer! What is normal anyway?
Find ways to help the child defuse the high energy and high amount of functioning of the brain- Music, gentle pressure on the body, especially the head, Worship music, teach them to communicate to Jesus to help them in areas of needs, such as calming down and staying on task. Teach them that they can go to God themselves for a personal relationship with God. Show how that is done.
“Jesus, help me sleep. Quiet my thoughts…..”
The site listed below is by Jack and Rebecca Systsema. She is daughter to Peter Wagner. Jack and Rebecca have an Autistic son named, Nicholas. This site provides a Christian perspective on this subject. They have on their site a place for prayer requests as well as their own daily prayers. They offer weekly topics, testimonials, a way to contact them plus more!

Other web sites you may find helpful:
1 The three autism spectrum disorders are autistic disorder, Asperger’s syndrome and Pervasive Development Disorders-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). These comprise three of the five illnesses known as Pervasive Development Disorders. The other PDDs, which are less common, are Child Disintegrative Disorder and Rett’s Disorder.
2 News Week Magazine September 8, 2003 page 42-50
3 Magazine, “Wired” 2002